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Quite a few years ago, 2007 in fact, I noticed that after a night's sleep I would wake up with a sleep crease or two on my face.

It came to my attention through my sister, that this would not happen if I slept on a satin pillowslip!   I tried this and instantly 

saw the benefits.   I could hardly believe it!

I then learnt about all the other advantages of sleeping on a satin pillowslip.

I realized that if satin could help my skin, many other women might also benefit from the same thing.

Slowly I started producing satin pillowslips in small quantities.  As my pleasure for sleeping on a satin pillowslip grew, 

my passion developed into a rewarding small business.

I do hope that you too will come to use and benefit from the range of Satin Secret Pillowslips and other products which I offer.


Helen Ziegenhardt Veitch

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