One morning back in 2007, I woke up to find sleep creases on my face and cheeks. I started to notice this every morning and after talking to friends and family, they shared similar stories.

I started to research more about the advantages of sleeping on satin pillows and after trying them for myself, I immediately saw the benefits. The difference was quite incredible! I realized that if satin could help my skin, many other women might also benefit from this.

And so my Satin Secret business was born.

At first, I produced pillowslips in small quantities, but the more I shared my story with others; the more popular they became. My small business started to grow and today, it has evolved into a successful range of satin products, including pillowslips, eye shades, and embroidered drawstring bags for underwear.

My passion for Satin Secret has been extremely rewarding and it’s a secret I love to share with everyone I meet. You will find my range of satin products at markets countrywide. Satin Secret is evolving as the demand grows.

I do hope that you too will discover my passion project and will come to reap the benefits of Satin Secret.

Should you have any questions or want to share your stories, please contact me


Helen Ziegenhardt Veitch